We worked with Agni on our wedding photos and video.
In the days before the event, he was very helpful and responsive in our discussions, both via direct messages and face to face.
During our portrait photoshoot, he helped us feel relaxed and at ease, and took us to some beautiful spots around south Helsinki to take the photos.
During and after the ceremony, he blended in perfectly with the crowd for plenty of candid shots (which we were asking for the most), but also was patient to take photos of us with every single guest of our (relatively small) wedding.
He shared some great processed photos with us already on the day at the event, while we were still at the wedding reception, so we could already get excited about the end results to come. He was quick at delivering the end results as well, and was kind enough to comply with our extra requests that came after 🙂
Would definitely recommend Agni as an event photographer and would gladly work with him again!

Viktoria & Matias

Olemme todella iloisia, että löysimme Agni Framesin ikuistamaan hääpäivämme. Toiminta oli heti ensimmäisestä yhteydenotosta lähtien ammattimaista ja toiveitamme kunnioittavaa.

Olimme erittäin otettuja suunnittelupalaverista ennen kuvauspäivää, jossa kävimme läpi kuvauspaikkoja.
Agni kuunteli toiveitamme, mutta hän toi esille myös omiin kokemuksiinsa perustuvia asioita, joiden pohjalta saimme ihania hääkuvia.

Voimme lämpimästi suositella Agni Framesia hääkuvauksiin hänen ammattitaitonsa ja ystävällisyytensä johdosta.

Sami & Lani

Loistava ja osaava valokuvaaja! Saimme upeita ja laadukkaita kuvia juhlistamme. Suosittelen lämpimästi.

Teresa Rydman

Subodh is an exceptionally great and professional photographer. He grabbed every shot i asked for . He was friendly and fun and made my big day all that much more special! I can highly recommend Agni Frames!


Subodh instructed well during the shoot and made sure the dancer’s point of view was heard. Editing of the video was quick and well structured, I’m extremely happy with the results!

Jenny Kuusemaa | Aerial and Pole Dancer

I love the quality of the photographs. Got great reviews and compliments from the photographs. We will definitely collaborate again. I would recommend Agni Frames for any photography work.

Jasmine McAlpine | Bemine Healthy Friends Restaurant Helsinki