Hi there, welcome to Agni Frames!

So fellas, I am Subodh Agnihotri! With a lot of passion and love for camera and capturing memories, I have created this baby of mine, as I like to call it.

Camera is my first love and nothing gives me more pleasure and satisfaction than being able to pursue it professionally.

Through Agni Frames, my vision is to creatively and passionately bring to life memories, people, nature, ideas, products and brands, either through static, moving images or digital content.

The digital content can be in the form of tailor-made, customized and on-demand pictures, videos, drone footage, marketing and promotional digital content.

I speak fluent English and conversational Finnish. 
Puhun Englantia ja Suomea! 


Agni Frames offers following services in both b2c and b2b market segments:

  1. Photography
  2. Videography & filmmaking
  3. Drone operation
  4. Digital content creation & storytelling
  5. Digital Identity consultation & coaching

We have some set for our services. However, we are quite flexible and offer tailor-made services to all kinds of businesses, individuals and professionals, so shoot us a message.

Our work style is collaborative and co-creative and nothing gives us more energy than working with different kinds of people. So, let’s come together, tell the best stories and create magic!